Lost Wallet

Step 1-Protect Your Credit

You are probably here because you lost your wallet or purse and would like to protect your credit, identity and replace your important documents. Lets get started, the earlier the better.

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1. Cancel Credit and ATM Cards:
Why?: This is the first thing someone may use if they have your wallet.
First contact your bank if any of those cards are from there. I have listed contacts for all major credit cards and some major store cards, but don't worry if your Visa or Master Card is with another bank and you can't remember it, all major cards have a main phone number regardless of the bank, all you need is your personal information to identify your account. If you have a record of the specific bank and card great, call it immediately. If there are any missing cards from the list that could be helpful in the future, please email me at the bottom of this site.

Major Cards:
Visa: (800) 847-2911
Mastercard: (800) 627-8372
Amex: (800) 992-3404
Discover: (800) 347-2683

Department Stores:
Walmart: (866)-611-1148
Macy's: (800) 659-6229
Kohl's: (800) 564-5740
Neiman Marcus: (888) 888-4757
J.C. Penney's: (800) 527-4403
Target: (888) 755-585
Best Buy: (888) 237-8289
Circuit City: (800) 603-8987
Sears: (800) 819-9000
Home Depot: (800) 677-0232
Lowes: (888) 840-7651
Gap: (800) 887-1198
Banana Republic: (800) 234-7455
Old Navy: (877) 222-6868
Pier 1: (800) 767-3662

OK lets move on to the next task.

2. Contact Credit Bureaus:
Why?: To put an alert on your account and help prevent identity theft. The alert is usually good for 90 days and can be renewed. It also tells any company that screens your credit prior to authorizing anything in your name (i.e credit cards, loans) that your identity was potentially stolen and they have to contact you by phone directly to authorize any new credit. Have your social security number ready.

Experian: (888) 397-3742
Equifax: (888) 766-0008
TransUnion: (800) 680-7289

Also: To get a free annual credit report read about it in the final step when you get there.

Great, we are now making progress. Lets move on to the next step under legal protection to show the banks/creditors you not just telling a story. This is important especially if your identity is stolen.

Step 2-Legal Protection

3. Police Report: File a police report locally where the loss occurred.
Why?:This shows the banks/creditors you are serious and are diligent about taking care of the problem. This will help you greatly in the long run if you become a victim of identity theft and you have to deal with the banks/creditors. Most of the time you can file this report online with your local police.

4. Federal Trade Commision:
Why?: Reporting to the FTC will help law enforcement across the country if your identity is stolen. You may not know your identity has been stolen until several months later so its good to get a head start. Also your stolen identity might show up in a different state as they are sold over the internet to other criminals. The link provided has the necessary form to fill out. It's free.
Web Link:
  • Federal Trade Commission

  • Or Call:
    1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338)

    OK, now that we have taken steps to protect you credit and identity lets move on to replace your important documents.

    Step 3-Replace Your Items

    5. Drivers License: Replace your drivers license online. I have links to all 50 states DMV departments to make it easy for you to file for a replacement drivers license online. Some states may require for you to go in person. Check their website first. Some or all states may require a small fee but it beats waiting in line if they allow online replacement.

    Web Link:
  • DMV Links Here

  • 6. Social Security Card: If you lost your social security card it is as easy to replace as your drivers license online. I have the link for your just below. If you know your SS# has been used as a result of an identity theft or you are worried it will be you can also contact them through their fraud department and I will list this link as well.

    Web Links:

    Replacing card:
  • Click Here

  • Fraud Department:
  • Click Here

  • 7. Passport: If you lost your passport click the link below.
  • Click Here

  • Alright your almost done, lets go to the final step to look at some great professional resources.

    Step 4-Professional Protection and Assistance

    8. Professional Protection: Last but not least visit some of the many companies listed on this web site that can do all the steps above for you and offer even more protection from identity theft before or after a loss. They offer great services in many areas to give you peace of mind and many will even pay to recover your identity if they fail to protect it. The cost is usually minimal compared to the pain and loss you could suffer if it happens to you.

    Click on the banners below and check out what protection services are offered (More to come soon).

    Coming Soon.

    9. Finally. Free Credit Reports: Go to this site and get a credit report for free from all three major credit bureaus. It is good for once a year. If you lost your wallet you may want to check it again in 6 months.

  • Free Reports Click Here

  • I hope this website has helped and relieves some of the anxiety that comes with loosing a wallet or purse. Any ideas to help improve this site are welcomed, please feel free to email me below.


    First, the goal of this website is to help those who have lost a wallet/purse inadvertently or by theft. With this website you will be able to secure your credit immediately (i.e. credit cards), protect your long term credit (identity theft) and then replace your important items like your drivers license. This is not an all inclusive process but this should help you get started in protecting your credit and identity before any major damage is done.

    Second, I created this website in hopes to generate revenue for my aging parents who were both stricken with dementia within the same year and I finally had to move them to assisted living. For those who have parents in this position you know the huge cost of these homes and with very little resources one must get creative. For those who have healthy parents I envy you, the average home here costs between 8 and 10 thousand a month and they do not accept standard health insurance. You can purchase long term care insurance but you have to be healthy to qualify. Information I could have used if I and they had known. Food for thought for those still with time. Thanks for stopping by and pass this website along to others who could use it or bookmark it for the future.

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